Results displayed in BCDsteel

Utilisation Ratio

The analysed members are colored to indicate the Utilisation Ratio (UR). This must be < 1.00 to comply. It is a linear quantity. For example, if UR = 0.50 for a particular member and load case, then doubling all the loads would give UR = 1.00

The results displayed in the Strand7 model window depend on which load case / combination is selected:

  • If Envelope is selected, the colors displayed in the model are the maximum UR for all load cases / combinations analysed.
  • If Individual is selected, any of the analysed load cases / combinations can be selected. In this case, the colors displayed in the model are the maximum URs for that load case / combination.

Results summary

To list the details for a particular member, it may be selected with the mouse or by entering the member number in the text box.

If Envelope option is selected, the results listed are for the critical load case / combination for the selected member.

The most important details for the member are listed for the selected or critical load case / combination. Additional information can be viewed by clicking on the icon at the top of the form. This lists the results in Excel for each equation that was analysed, one line for every member for every load case / combination. It includes critical forces along the member and critical capacities. A separate worksheet lists the maximum UR for each load case / combination, 1 line per member.

Report options

There is an option to save a reduced Strand7 model window size, and an option to copy a picture of the window to the clipboard for inclusion in a report.

The Results summary shown on the left of the display can be displayed in a horizontal orientation and a picture of this copied to the clipboard for inclusion in a report.